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I adopted my Basenji from a shelter. They thought she was a terrier, I suppose because her ears flopped over. It wasn't long before those ears were standing straight up, Basenji style.

She was 8 weeks when we rescued her, but a family already had her, so my guess is that she was separated from her mother too early. As a result, she had significant biting problems, but was nothing that a few hundred bucks and a behavioral specialist couldn't help us fix! She has been to several training classes of various types. Agility will be next. She is highly treat motivated - no pats or kisses. Treats please!

I'd Describe My Dog As… ...the fastest thing at the dog park. She requires a lot of attention or she gets into trouble. Of course, she's still a puppy. This was the toughest dog to housebreak that I have ever had - like I said, she's stubborn. It took a few weeks, but now she's fine. She follows commands like sit, down, stay, shake, heel when she feels like it or when a hot dog is involved.

She gets two walks per day, about a mile each time. When weather doesn't allow, she enjoys a walk on the treadmill with one of us. Once or twice per week we take her to the dog park to run. The herding dogs love her (as do their owners), because they can't catch her!

•Basenjis are great pets for people and families who can spend lots of time with them and shower them with exercise, attention and a lot of running space. Many people who work outside their homes get a companion dog for their Basenji to keep them from getting bored.
•My Basenji loves kids, but she is a jumper. I understand that is common with the breed.
•Poco is quick to let us know if someone comes to the house. Of course, she will also let us know if there is a bird or a rabbit or anything else outside, since she's a sighthound.

Written by: Poco Diablo
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