What Do You Tell People about Being an Online Freelancer?

Many friends and family don't really “get” the online freelancer thing. And what can I tell them?

Since I work online (and sometimes feel like I live online), I tend to find myself in this happy bubble where people know what I do. I hang around with other online creators when I start feeling lonely and isolated.

I read news about writing and stay connected to video and podcast creators.

But when I talk to people in the “real” world about what I do as an online freelancer, they are flummoxed. To so many, professional online content creation isn't a Thing. Why would bloggers hire staff writers? Can you make a living writing online? Or podcasting? Or making videos?

Online Freelancer

And, of course, there is the respect factor. Having an online career isn't exactly seen as legitimate by many people out there in the “real” world. It's something that you do on the side, or while you're trying to get a “real” job.

Explaining Myself as an Online Freelancer

Some aspects of my work as an online freelancer are fairly easy to explain. I create content for websites. People understand the need for company profiles and “about” pages. It can get a little complicated sometimes, but most people understand the idea of creating content online. Even if they're not sure exactly how I make money.

Through the years, I've had various online freelancer gigs:

I'm not embarrassed about my career path as a professional blogger. But it is sometimes hard to explain to those who don't take the online world for granted as I do.

So I've made it a point to think about what I do in terms others can understand. The good news is that it's becoming easier to do as more people make the Internet a source of income.

What about you? How do you explain your online work to those living offline?

Image source: The Oatmeal

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