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I will send you first to my ultimate guide to investing. This is a resource that lays out all the details and answers your most pressing questions. 

It's your best way to learn how to get started the way I did. Boring AF, yes.  But its worked well over the years and I get straight to the point. 

Financial wellness, because your well-being matters

Before we go any further into my best money tools and resources, I want to first acknowledge that money is personal and you will have your own unique journey. No matter what your past money mistakes, I also want you to know that by being here you are taking the first steps towards your financial well-being. 

In a nutshell here is how to start

Your best bet is to start with a robo-advisor and use index products. This is a good way to get a good start and begin building a portfolio while you learn about investing. Once you have a better handle on your risk tolerance, needs, and style, you can add individual equities, alternative investments, and try other assets to diversify your portfolio and add growth.

Below: A variety of investment platforms to meet a variety of needs, especially if you're interested in alternative investing.

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I don't have an amazing get-out-of-debt story or a make-six-figures-a-month story. What I do have is accumulated knowledge, financial experiments, and plenty of mistakes. Over time, I've learned what works for me when it comes to using my financial resources to create a life I love. Check out my money blog for information about how I structure my finances and make the most of my money. Maybe you'll find inspiration for your own money journey.


Paying the ADHD Tax

We don’t always talk about how some type of neurodivergence, like ADHD, can impact finances. But the ADHD tax is real. I had an amazing summer. It was AHHHHHH-MAZE-ING. Retreats, retreats, and more retreats Technically, it started at the end of April, when a dear friend and fellow content creator came to visit for a

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Pay Less Attention to Salary, and More to Disposable Income

Before you get hung up on your salary and the possibility of making more, consider your disposable income. It's always amazed me that people can get so hung up on salary. Yes, your salary is important. You need a decent salary if you expect to provide yourself with the necessities of life and with some

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8 Essentials All Household Finances Should Have

Planning your household finances is a big part of making headway toward your overall goals. As you put together your plan, here are a few things to keep in mind. Planning your household finances should be a major part of how you move forward. Whether you want to cover an emergency tomorrow or retire early

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Want Another Tax-Advantaged Investment? Try a Health Savings Account

I love my Health Savings Account. I get the ultimate in tax-advantaged investing. There are three main, unavoidable forces eroding your wealth over time: Taxes Inflation Fees You can't stop these forces from reducing your real investment returns over time, but you can minimize them. There are ways to reduce your exposure to inflation risk.

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Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

You'll make better investing decisions if you understand your risk tolerance. “Know thyself” is one of the great admonitions of all time. Before you start investing, it's a good idea to take a look at yourself and understand the level of risk you can handle. Once you understand your risk tolerance, you'll make better investing

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Are Your Finances Prepared for an Investing Opportunity?

A great investing opportunity does you no good if your finances aren't prepared to take advantage of it. There are many great opportunities out there. Indeed, many of us have financial opportunities daily — even if we don't recognize them. You might even have access to a great investing opportunity. But that opportunity does very

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Income Inequality: Hard Work Doesn't Mean Wealth

Income inequality is a harsh reality in today's society. And it's not improving much. One of the basic tenets of our society is this: If you work hard, you'll be able to earn a living. People often equate working hard with wealth. If you aren't rich, you just haven't worked hard enough. Those in the

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As a WAHM, What's My Schedule

I've had a few people ask me what my daily schedule is as a professional blogging work from home mom (WAHM). Here you are. Keep in mind, though, that it's approximate. If there's anything any WAHM knows, the schedule almost always needs to be tweaked. Or thrown out completely. My usual WAHM schedule Sometime between

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Home Business

What You Need for a Good Business Plan

A business plan can help you set a constructive direction for your home business. When you are starting a home business, it's easy to just jump in and have at it. However, after a while, you get bogged down. Especially if you aren't sure where to go next. At some point within the first year

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The Joys of Managing Cash Flow as a Freelancer

Managing cash flow as a freelancer can be a real challenge, especially when it's all automated and you aren't connected to your money. I have enough money to cover all my bills this month. However, I let things get a little off and ended up with an overdraft in my primary checking account. Mainly because

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Retirement Plan Options for Home Business Owners

When you are self-employed, you don't have “the man” to help you with your retirement account contributions. Here's what you need to know about retirement plan options for home business owners. The last time I had the opportunity to participate in a 401(k) was shortly after finishing my bachelor's degree. I was working full-time. However,

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